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Gym Amenities

 All complimentary with your membership

Academic Tutoring 

Ms. Phosy - 8th Grade Math Teacher 

With so little time in the day, we know how difficult balancing life can be. We value our students educational goals and support academic excellence by offering Academic Tutoring Several times every week, as well as a Open Study room with little to no distraction to ensure your children have a place to complete their school assignments while you train. 

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Play Room

Yes, We have a Children's play room for your young ones. The play room includes 3 soft walls, Mats, Toys, books and Seating for your comfort.  


Other Events

Open Mats, Women's Events, Fight Nights and more !

Women's Open Mat

Free Sparring Event

Womens Open Mat Poster.png

Free Women's Self Defense

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Screenshot 2024-05-29 145836.png
Screenshot 2024-05-29 145723.png
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Screenshot 2024-05-29 145807.png

Every other Wed at 6:00p - 

 Bring 4oz Gloves


Southern California - Open Mat Schedule

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